UWS Global MBA 课程介绍

Course Structure


商业研究项目分为两个部分:1. 商业计划书;2. 商业项目研究,学员在导师的指导下完成。




Business Research Project 

There are two main parts in Business Research Project: 1. Business Plan 2. Business Research Project, under the guideline of the instructor. 

Business Plan is to propose a new business plan after thoroughly analyzing your own organization to attract investors or partners. It includes introduction, organization background, new products or services, promotion strategy, operating team, financial analysis, product and marketing research, business forecast and law risks.

Business Research Project is the research and improvement project of one specific area within the organization, which includes the cause of the issue, the samples and evidence used in research, the influence, the solution proposal, theoretical basis and implementation of the solution.

Learners could comprehensively understand and utilized what they have learnt along all the modules.